Fitted Furniture for Awkward Spaces Ideas

Fitted Furniture for Awkward Spaces Ideas

It’s easy to outfit a perfectly square room with furniture, but if your ceilings are sloped at an odd angle or the room has unusual alcoves, you’ve got a challenge on your hands. Maybe you wish the area under the stairs didn’t feel like a waste of space or that you could do something creative with your bay windows. All too often, homeowners give up trying to find furniture for these awkward spaces, leaving them to sit unused.


Thankfully, you have another option—order fitted furniture for awkward spaces from Nangla Furniture! When we know the room’s exact dimensions and understand what you hope to gain, we can provide a custom solution catered to your needs.


Fitted furniture for awkward spaces offers a range of benefits. You can create new storage options in what was once an empty alcove or utilise vertical space in a room with high ceilings. When your furniture is made to fit your home’s tricky spots, it’s easy to stay organised, personalise the space, and keep your home clutter-free.


Not sure what options are available for your Bradford or West Yorkshire home? Get inspired with these fitted furniture for awkward space ideas from Nangla Furniture.


Under-Stair Storage

The space under the stairs is traditionally dark and empty. This is a shame, considering that the under-stair area is often a focal point in the hallway. Brighten your home and make it more functional by adding fitted storage options! You might install a coat cupboard, oversized drawers, pigeon-hole shelving, or even a desk and computer to create a small home office. These fitted solutions solve your storage dilemmas and make your home more beautiful and inviting at the same time.

Fitted Alcove Storage
While you can fill your home’s alcoves with freestanding wardrobes and bookshelves, this option leaves a lot of wasted space. Besides, what are the chances you’ll find roughly the right sized furniture that fits your home’s aesthetic?

The answer to these problems is to design tailor-made alcove storage. You’ll love the way your living room alcoves look with new built-in cupboards, bookcases or a fitted TV unit. With made-to-measure furniture that fits the exact dimensions of your awkward space, you get up to twice as much storage as a freestanding solution!


Built-In Bay Window Seats

Bay windows are praised for offering panoramic views and allowing more natural light to pour into your home. Are you making the most of the extra square footage your bay windows provide? If not, you may decide to add built-in bay window seats. Just remember that the unique angle of the windows jutting out from the wall demands a made-to-measure solution.

Envision a cushioned bench piled high with fluffy pillows—it’s the perfect place to lounge with a good book and a cup of tea. A thoughtfully constructed window seat also has built-in storage, which can be accessed by doors, drawers or a flip-up lid. Store spare pillows, blankets, books or anything else inside to help declutter your living space.


Bespoke Hallway & Landing Furniture

Fitted cupboards are a unique and stylish way to generate extra storage in your entryway, hallway or upstairs landing. These traditionally wasted spaces can serve as shoe and coat cupboards, linen closets, or game storage areas. You can even add a bench to create a comfortable place to put on your shoes and socks.

With made-to-measure furniture, you can rest assured that your cabinets will fit the unique dimensions of your hallway. Designs range from modern to traditional and rustic to industrial, meaning every fitted hallway and landing cupboard is truly one of a kind!


Overhead Storage

Have you ever considered what a waste of space the area is above your bed? With bespoke overhead storage, you can create extra room for books, bedding, clothes and more. You can even replace your freestanding bedroom wardrobe with a built-in wall unit behind your bed. By doing so, you’ll reclaim square footage and have an easier time reaching the items stored there. Fitted overhead storage is particularly practical in small, narrow or awkwardly shaped rooms.


Fitted Furniture for Sloped or High Ceilings

If you have oddly sloped or high ceilings in your kitchen, entertainment area, dining room, or elsewhere in your home, fitted furniture is the solution! There’s no better way to maximise the floor-to-ceiling height of a room, whether the ceilings are sloped or flat.

What will you do with all the extra storage space? You might install hinged or sliding cupboard doors with deep, functional shelves. Maybe you’ll opt for pigeon-hole shelving to showcase framed artwork, pottery or your book collection. No matter what you choose, know that fitted furniture for sloped or high ceilings is always made-to-measure in whatever look you want to match your home’s style.


Shop for Fitted Furniture in Bradford and West Yorkshire

Finding the perfect fitted furniture for awkward spaces is easier than ever when you team up with Nangla Furniture. We streamline the process of designing and installing bespoke furniture to increase your home’s storage potential and maximise your living space. For more awkward space fitted furniture ideas or to begin designing your bespoke furniture, please call us at 01274 689882 or send us an email. We would be happy to consult with you and help you explore your options during a free, no-obligation consultation!