Fitted Home Office Ideas

Fitted Home Office Ideas

Are you working from home these days? Perhaps your temporary setup at the kitchen counter or on the living room sofa is no longer getting the job done. If so, it could be time to convert your guest bedroom, attic, underused dining room or cupboard under the stairs into a legitimate home office.


Keep in mind that an efficient workstation includes much more than just a desk, a computer and an internet connection. To promote the most productive workspace possible, it’s important to have high-quality fitted office furniture. With a workspace and storage area designed to fit your needs, you’ll find it easier to stay on task and check items off your do-to list every day.


Investing in bespoke office furniture for your Bradford or West Yorkshire home cuts down on clutter, helps you stay organised and converts your home office into a stylish workplace. If you’re not sure what types of furniture are available or what might work best for you, read on for some inspiring fitted home office ideas.


Fitted Home Office Desks

Working from home looks different for everyone. Some people need a quiet space they can work all day, with loads of desk space to spread out paperwork. Others merely need a nook or other small workstation they can utilise for a few hours a week. Still others meet with clients in their home office, which calls for an impressive executive desk. Don’t settle for makeshift office furniture that fails to provide the features you need! Instead, invest in a desk that helps you maximise every minute of every workday.

Bespoke desks are available with all the features you could ever want. A rollout articulating keyboard tray ensures comfort whilst typing all day; shelves, drawers and cabinets keep your work surface clutter-free; and a hutch extends your storage space further still. Do you have an odd-angled ceiling in your home office? Bespoke furniture is built to fit just right. Not an inch of space goes to waste when your office furniture is made to accommodate your needs and work area!


Floor-to-Ceiling Bespoke Bookcases

Do you have an impressive book collection you would like to display in your home office? Maybe you want to install shelves primarily for aesthetic reasons. Whatever your motive, bespoke bookcases are the best way to add vertical storage. First, consider that fitted furniture can be fabricated to the exact dimensions of your home office. This is especially crucial if you have vaulted ceilings or want to install shelves around windows, doors or other openings.

Then, the bookcases can feature stunning embellishments to make your office appear more professional. Architectural moulding, distinctive edges, arches, textured wood, glass shelves and custom hardware enhance the design of your home office. Whether you want the space to appear modern, industrial or traditional, floor-to-ceiling fitted bookshelves can absolutely transform the room.


Custom Cabinets & Other Home Office Storage

A fitted home office is a perfect chance to add the precise type of storage you’re looking for. When all your office supplies and documents have a home, you won’t waste valuable time searching for the things you need. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on getting work done.

Bespoke storage isn’t merely functional—it’s also your chance to let your individual style shine through. Decorative door panels, custom hardware, beautiful wood stain or paint, LED light strips, and an array of worktop options add personality and flair. When your fitted office is designed with beauty in mind, you’re bound to enjoy your workdays more and increase your productivity.

Custom home office storage helps you put every square inch of space to work. Some accessories that may meet the demands of your business include:

·       Wall safes: Keep critical business assets or valuables in a digital wall safe. With a bespoke build, you can hide the safe behind hanging sections, inside bookshelves or within cabinets.

·       Solid dividers: Create custom compartments for all your supplies with wood shelf dividers inside your fitted cabinets. This addition helps you utilise the space effectively, whether you plan to store binders, folders, magazines, CDs, electronics or other supplies.

·       Drawer organisers: The old notion of a “junk drawer” is long gone if you use custom drawer organisers. These allow you to design whatever drawer layouts work best, with individual compartments for envelopes, notepads, paperclips, rubber bands, staplers and other office supplies.

·       File drawers: There’s no need to hold onto your outdated metal filing cabinet when you can have built-in file drawers that match the rest of your fitted home office. Gorgeous solid-wood drawers feature full-extension slides to hold letter- or legal-size hanging files. There’s no better way to keep all your important documents organised!

·       Pull-out file boxes: Perhaps you prefer to store your files in a portable manner. Installed on heavy-duty metal slides, pull-out file boxes provide easy access without straining yourself.


Shop for Fitted Furniture in Bradford and West Yorkshire

Ready to make your home office work harder for you? The design team at Nangla Furniture is happy to help you create a comfortable, convenient space to ease those tedious workdays. We specialise in fitted workstations and storage for home offices both large and small. Let us know your pain points, and we’ll work with you to devise a solution. For more fitted home office ideas or to begin filling your home office with bespoke furniture, please call us at 01274 689882 or send us an email. We look forward to meeting with you for a free, no-obligation consultation!