Fitted Living Rooms

Fitted Living Room Ideas

If you’re searching for the perfect way to furnish your living room, game room or home cinema, you can’t always count on mass-produced pieces to meet your needs. After all, what if the room has odd nooks, angled ceilings or bay windows? Only bespoke furniture can fill these awkward spaces with absolutely stunning results.


A fitted living room features custom options designed to work flawlessly in your space and hold everything you need with room to spare. When you invest in bespoke furniture, you’ll enjoy a less cluttered home, more efficient storage space and gorgeous aesthetics. Are you unsure how to select the right furniture for your space? Here are some ideas for fitted living rooms in Bradford and West Yorkshire to inspire you.


Fitted Television Consoles

Yes, you could set up a freestanding console in your living room or home cinema, but a made-to-measure console works so much better. With furniture available in custom dimensions, you can design the console to fill the space perfectly, working around any outlets, light switches, windows, odd ceiling angles or other obstructions. Placing an equal emphasis on both fashion and function ensures your television console performs as beautifully as it looks.


Integrated Coat Hangers

Is your family prone to draping coats over the sofa, leaving hats on the countertop or losing car keys? If so, integrated coat hangers can make a huge difference in improving your home’s tidiness. Depending on the look and functionality you desire, you may choose to design your bespoke coat hangers with or without doors.


Under-Stair Storage

Fitted under-stair storage lets you utilise the space in clever ways. You might install pull-out shoe racks, bookshelves, drawers, pigeon holes, cabinets or even a seating area. This fitted living room idea ensures that the untapped storage space under your stairs doesn’t go to waste.


Built-In Shelving and Cabinets

Lack of storage is a common problem in West Yorkshire living rooms. At the same time, unique alcoves and niches remain empty. Put your space to better use with built-in shelving, where you can proudly display your beloved novel collection, organise movies and music, or keep the kids’ toys out of sight. You might build the shelves on either side of the fireplace to flank this focal point or fill in the space between two windows to emphasise the room’s architecture. Whatever placement you choose, built-in lighting can further enhance the installation.


Bespoke Dressing Tables and Worktops

Ensure your work surface is both stylish and up to the job with dressing tables and worktops designed specifically for your needs. Whether you install them in the kitchen, walk-in closet, dressing room or other living space, such bespoke pieces create a luxury experience that every homeowner deserves.


Hidden Storage

When a neat, tidy look is your ultimate goal, it’s essential to incorporate hidden storage into your home. Ideas include built-in cabinets, storage ottomans and coffee tables, hidden television cabinets, staircase drawers, and storage headboards and bed frames. A bespoke furniture designer can help you formulate more ideas and implement them in unique ways.


Entryway Storage

Do you have a wasted corner in your entrance hallway or foyer? Turn it into something functional with made-to-measure entryway storage. A corner bench with built-in pigeon holes beneath provide a place to store your shoes, and overhead shelves keep handbags, hats and other accessories within easy reach. You might design the space for each family member to have their own storage cubby so they can quickly grab and go when they’re in a hurry.


Built-In Bay Window Seats

If you have lovely bay windows in your living room, why not put them to good use with a fitted bay window seat? Unlike a freestanding sofa or armchairs pushed against the window, this Bradford fitted living room idea doesn’t obstruct the view to the outside. Add cushions and pillows to your built-in window seat to create a comfortable reading area. Then, incorporate drawers or a lift-up bench for clever, hidden storage.


Shop for Fitted Furniture in Bradford and West Yorkshire

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