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  • bedroom with large fitted wardrobe
    Most Asked Questions about Fitted Wardrobes

    A fitted wardrobe is a type of wardrobe that is custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of your bedroom. Unlike a traditional wardrobe, which is usually freestanding and takes up valuable floor space, a fitted wardrobe can be built into an alcove or corner, making it much more compact and efficient.


    There are many benefits to having a fitted wardrobe, such as being able to maximize storage space and create a sleek and stylish look in your bedroom. If you are considering getting a fitted wardrobe for your home, consider the following frequently asked questions (and answers) about fitted wardrobes.

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  • Wardrobe organised by colour
    The Best Way To Organise Your Wardrobe In 2022

    Let’s face it—decluttering and organising your wardrobe can be stressful. But wasting time because you can’t find the right outfit is even worse! Don’t feel overwhelmed at the prospect of clearing out your wardrobe. With the right guidance, you’ll simplify your morning routine and enjoy a less cluttered bedroom. Just follow this ultimate guide for organising your wardrobe in 2022.

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  • Fitted Furniture for Awkward Spaces Ideas
    Fitted Furniture for Awkward Spaces Ideas

    It’s easy to outfit a perfectly square room with furniture, but if your ceilings are sloped at an odd angle or the room has unusual alcoves, you’ve got a challenge on your hands. Maybe you wish the area under the stairs didn’t feel like a waste of space or that you could do something creative with your bay windows. All too often, homeowners give up trying to find furniture for these awkward spaces, leaving them to sit unused.


    Thankfully, you have another option—order fitted furniture for awkward spaces from Nangla Furniture! When we know the room’s exact dimensions and understand what you hope to gain, we can provide a custom solution catered to your needs.


    Fitted furniture for awkward spaces offers a range of benefits. You can create new storage options in what was once an empty alcove or utilise vertical space in a room with high ceilings. When your furniture is made to fit your home’s tricky spots, it’s easy to stay organised, personalise the space, and keep your home clutter-free.


    Not sure what options are available for your Bradford or West Yorkshire home? Get inspired with these fitted furniture for awkward space ideas from Nangla Furniture.

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  • Fitted Home Office Ideas
    Fitted Home Office Ideas

    Are you working from home these days? Perhaps your temporary setup at the kitchen counter or on the living room sofa is no longer getting the job done. If so, it could be time to convert your guest bedroom, attic, underused dining room or cupboard under the stairs into a legitimate home office.


    Keep in mind that an efficient workstation includes much more than just a desk, a computer and an internet connection. To promote the most productive workspace possible, it’s important to have high-quality fitted office furniture. With a workspace and storage area designed to fit your needs, you’ll find it easier to stay on task and check items off your do-to list every day.


    Investing in bespoke office furniture for your Bradford or West Yorkshire home cuts down on clutter, helps you stay organised and converts your home office into a stylish workplace. If you’re not sure what types of furniture are available or what might work best for you, read on for some inspiring fitted home office ideas.

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  • Fitted Kitchen Ideas
    Fitted Kitchen Ideas

    Is your kitchen cramped, outdated and dysfunctional? A one-size-fits-all approach may not be the answer. For many Bradford and West Yorkshire homeowners, the best solution is to build a fitted kitchen. With beautiful cabinetry and continuous worktops catered to your exact needs, you’ll find a renewed sense of joy in cooking meals and baking desserts for your family.


    Fitted kitchens feature bespoke, adaptable furniture designed for the unique size and specifications of your space. In addition to helping you maximise every square inch of storage space, streamlined kitchen cabinets and work surfaces are more functional. This is particularly important if you have specialised needs.


    By investing in bespoke furniture for your kitchen, you can expect to enjoy less clutter, more efficient storage space and stunning aesthetics. If you’re feeling unsure about what furniture is available, read on for some great fitted kitchen ideas.

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  • Fitted Living Rooms
    Fitted Living Room Ideas

    If you’re searching for the perfect way to furnish your living room, game room or home cinema, you can’t always count on mass-produced pieces to meet your needs. After all, what if the room has odd nooks, angled ceilings or bay windows? Only bespoke furniture can fill these awkward spaces with absolutely stunning results.


    A fitted living room features custom options designed to work flawlessly in your space and hold everything you need with room to spare. When you invest in bespoke furniture, you’ll enjoy a less cluttered home, more efficient storage space and gorgeous aesthetics. Are you unsure how to select the right furniture for your space? Here are some ideas for fitted living rooms in Bradford and West Yorkshire to inspire you.

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